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Huna Praxis by Henry Krotoschin

I help organize many of the Sambodha seminars and events and work closely with Aiyanna in Europe, and Arshia in the US. Als ich Aaravindha Himadra das erste mal begegnete wusste ich, dass ich den spirituellen Weg, nach dem ich mein Leben lang gesucht hatte, gefunden habe. Die Stille wird wahrnehmbar als Ausdehnung und ihre Ordnung kann sich nun in unser ganzes System integrieren.

Denn all unsere Realisationen, die wir in der Meditation machen, werden erst dann lebendig, wenn wir sie in unserem Leben umsetzen.

Helmut W. Klug | University of Graz -

Sie begleiten uns in unsere Freiheit, die Freiheit nach der wir uns so sehr sehnen, denn sie entspricht unserer Natur. Ausbildung zur authorisierten Sambodha Lehrerin , Meditationspraxis seit Meine Suche war hiermit beendet. Heute bin ich einfach nur dankbar, dass ich diese Lehre erfahren, unterrichten und leben darf.

Damals fiel mir auf, dass manche Leute einen besonderen Glanz in den Augen hatten, und ich fragte mich , was an diesen Leuten bzw. Tief in mir wuchs der Wunsch zu wissen, wie es gedacht sei, dieses Leben zu leben. Wie das so ist im Leben, findet man aber nicht immer gleich seinen Weg. Als junge Frau versuchte ich dann einfach, in diese Welt und ihre Forderung zu passen. In mir war ein klares Nein! Meine Tochter war damals gerade 3 Jahre und mein Wunsch war es, eine gute Mutter zu sein. Dieser Weg war anfangs nicht leicht, aber er war richtig!

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Die folgenden Jahre der Lehrerausbildung, das Meditieren und Studieren des heiligen solaren Wissens in Verbindung mit der Naturheilkunde, haben mich in eine gute Richtung heilen und wachsen lassen. Aktuelle Termine finden sie auf meiner Web-Seite. In meinem kleinen Meditationsraum in meinem Haus, halte ich Seminare, ja alles, was uns dieses kostbare Wissen schenkt, manchmal Einzelunterricht oder auch kleinere Gruppen bis 10 Personen. Da ich nicht im Besitz eines Computers bin, ist das Telefon hilfreich bei Anfragen. Bei Interesse schicke ich gerne einen Flyer. The deep look of knowing imbues their being.

It becomes evident they touched it—that indescribable place of truth and joy we all share. In that brief triumph that knowing is shared; sometimes through blissful tears, or an irrepressible smile.

Gerhard Klügl: Aurachirurgie heilt karmische Wunden

Those fleeting moments of silent jubilation make all of the years of study and practice recede into insignificance. When the light turns on like that it becomes clear that this truth and joy is what truly matters! It has been a deep blessing to have been guided to the Surah Parampara lineage, and Aaravindha and Ashayrah. It is with celebratory gratitude that I have witnessed so many in this tradition—co-teachers, students, and myself, blossoming open into freer, more loving and aware people.

These techniques work. The knowledge that accompanies them is vast and potent. Together they quickly bring about the greater awareness and love this world so desperately needs now. Although I am passionate about all aspects of learning about and teaching awakening, I am especially fascinated with nature, and enjoy helping people learn techniques for connecting more deeply with nature themselves. It is through this deeper connecting, combined with the discovery of our own true nature, that we can step into our roles as the links between heaven and earth, and truly become the stewards the planet is calling for.

It is through teaching it that I have found access to ever-deeper layers of this expansive, living knowledge. And it is through its sharing that I am allowed to witness its extraordinary power to transform lives. For many years I was searching for a deeper meaning of life, for truth, love and peace, in myself, in others, in the world, and I found bits and pieces, parts of the mosaic, along the way.

When I met Aaravindha Himadra in and began to learn the Solar Knowledge, it felt like coming home and now I know that all that I had searched for in the past has always been within myself, waiting to be remembered and brought back into life. One of the greatest challenges on any spiritual path, I feel, is to consistently apply what one learns into daily life. In the Solar Tradition, one of the key principles in being able to do this is the ongoing process of letting go of all that stands in our way of integrating our spiritual knowledge and experiences in all that we do.

Today, a part of living spirituality for me is sharing the Solar Knowledge, the Solar Meditation Techniques, as well as my experiences and insights with others who are also interested in finding their way back to their true inner Selves. Meditation gibt mir Klarheit, Zentrierung und Leichtigkeit. Gerne gebe ich auf Anfrage auch Einzelsitzungen und Behandlungen. Meditation war jedoch eine Sache, zu der ich leider noch keinen Zugang gefunden hatte.

Als ich ihn jedoch unmittelbar nach dem Seminar wieder sah, kam ich aus dem Staunen kaum mehr raus. Ich wusste noch nicht wo er war, ich wusste nur: es musste ausgesprochen gut gewesen sein. Und das wollte ich auch haben — soviel stand fest. Damals hatte er das erste Teacherseminar von Aaravindha Himadra besucht.

Im Gegenteil. Ich war zwar fasziniert und von einem auf den anderen Tag auch sehr ambitioniert, aber dieser Tagesablauf bedeutete doch eine enorme Portion Stress. Die Basis fehlte mir noch. Im Laufe der letzten 15 Jahre, habe ich mich ausserdem intensiv mit alternativen Heilmethoden auseinander gesetzt.

Read PDF Tordu (Roman) (French Edition)

I felt the same pull quite some years ago, in , to follow the call in my heart and study with Aaravindha. And my life has changed dramatically since then. And it still keeps changing with every new realization, deepening, and mastered challenge. It feels more free, expansive, meaningful, and fuller each time…. I find myself now being just deeply grateful to be alive: inhaling experiences, exhaling possibilities.

Even before Sambodha it was quite clear to me that I love working with people, and that I have a talent to connect and communicate on a deep level. It was almost natural for me to step up and share what I loved so much about the Sambodha knowledge. I am now teaching since ; first in my home country Germany, and now here in the greater Seattle area when I moved to the US in It is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences to see the eyes lighten up when they recognize the truth in themselves!

It would be my pleasure to share my understanding and perspective with you in the form of:. Was verbindet alles? Die Liebe. Und Liebe heisst, keinen Wiederstand zur Wahrheit haben.

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Later as a teenager I was highly interested to explore the different philosophies of life within my circle of friends. In this process I discovered a sheer undestructible faith deep inside of me, a kind of inner knowing of unknown origin. During my adolescence I was magically drawn to philosophic and spiritual topics and started to read one book after the other.

Eventually I studied different philosophies, religions and cultures in search of what they have in common.

Claudia Mächtle

Over the years I came to the conclusion, that there just might not be answers to many questions; perhaps one could find them in oneself somewhen — in a far away future possibly, in an other incarnation most likely, or possibly never. Gradually I ceased searching for answers, and someday I even stopped having questions at all. It was like a recognition, when she began to share the treasure of Solar Knowledge with me. I was very surprised, when I became aware of how many questions I suddenly had, because I asked her one after the other.

By far more it astonished me, that I did receive answers — Neither the one nor the other I had expected. For the first time in my life I could sense a real access to different topics, that were remaining strange to me until then. Full of joy I felt, that within the knowledge of Sambodha there would be much more for me to discover.

Thus in the year I began an until this day continuing, intensive teacher- and healer-training with Aaravindha Himadra, and a wonderful journey into the worlds of the Solar Tradition. The Solar Lineage, Amartya Tradition or Arkavamsa Parampara is referred to as an ancient spiritual tradition, that, beyond dogmas and religion, is based upon the illumining power of consciousness.

For thousands of years the Solar Knowledge was withdrawn more and more from humanity due to the fall of consciousness and was solely shared with few initiates by word of mouth only. We today are living in a very special time, a very dark time, where the surviving of life on this planet is globally endangered as it never was before — but we as well are living in a time, that specificallly on account of the darkness, carries within a huge potential for enlightenment, because it is pervasively calling forth our most inner, creative power, as it never did before.

In the Western world it is currently imparted by Aaravindha Himadra and Sambodha-Teachers, that were specifically trained by him. Aaravindha knows excellently to describe complex interrelations with great ease in admirable precision and to explain consistently from various perspectives.